Rent Apartment 4 Rooms MANASTUR

ID : APCJ341460

For Rent 650 EURO

Call now to get more details about this offer! The immobile is part of a new building. We have the pleasure to offer you for rent an apartment with 4 rooms, placed at floor 4 from 4, in CLUJ-NAPOCA, MANASTUR area, near PIATA FLORA. The apartment is confort 1 detached and it has central heating, air conditioning, 2 bathrooms, 1 balcony, modern tile, woodblock. The apartment is fully furnished. If you want to find the best offers do not hesitate to contact us at one of the numbers below or at our headquarter EDIL, Str. Iuliu Maniu, Nr. 13, Ap. 6, Cluj-Napoca. APCJ341460

Additional Details

    • Construction year : Before 1990
    • Floor : 4
    • Room partitioning : Detached
    • Comfort 1
    • Fully furnished
    • Woodblock
    • Ceramic tiles
    • Windows type: Double glazing
    • Heating type: Central heating
    • Air conditioning

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